We design wayfinding systems that are not only user friendly, but help in navigation and perfectly adjust to their environment – both in terms of visual appearance and in functionality.

The processes of system development, design and implementation are all concentrated within our team, so that we can deliver results in a timely and cost-effective manner. Thanks to our deliberate processes we can overcome any possible error and solve the problems we might face during the initial design phase.

Remion Design Studio is an agency operating since 2014, which simultaneously deals with wayfinding design, industrial design, graphic design and UI/UX design. Such names can be found among its references as  Liget Budapest Project, Buda Castle Garden, ELI Laser Research Centre, Skanska, Central European University, Forwarder’s Plaza. In addition to this, Remion Design is an agency reacting to contemporary demands in real time, embodying the latest generation of design studios.


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Wayfinding / So what does it mean?

A wayfinding system helps people (users) to navigate in a given area – this could be a shopping mall, a hospital, an educational institution, a theme park, a parking garage or even a whole city – for that matter.

The main functions of a wayfinding system are

orientation: helps you position yourself in your physical environment, shows you the nearby objects and makes it easier to reach your destination.

route decision: it indicates which route and direction you should take to reach your destination.

route-monitoring: reassures you whether you are on the right path or not.

destination recognition: helps you recognize your destination once you have reached it

The process

System development

Graphic design

Product design and choice of materials

Production and installation

System development

This is a complex task. We have to understand the specific functions of the area and the navigation habits of its users. During this process, we design not only the relevant content, but the required number, type and location of the different signage tools and boards. And – obviously – we take the special needs of users with impaired mobility and visuality in consideration.

Graphic design

We always define our design process in line with 3 major factors:
1. The design must adjust to its environment
2. The design must create a harmony with the given architectural attributes
3.The design must be clearly visible and must contribute to the on the spot orientation

During the graphic design phase we create a unique pictogram system that helps to identify the different functions of given areas. We choose the most adequate font type and size – in line with the environmental attributes and factors – keeping in mind the readability and easy interpretation are a must. Then we decide on the colors based on environmental factors, visual attributes and production technologies.

Product design and choice of materials

There are hundreds of solutions how to indicate the different elements of a wayfinding system. We have long passed the time of simple boards and we are facing endless creative solution opportunities – that exploit every spatial possibility the given environment can offer. We always come up with unique solutions, perfectly adjusted to the architectural design. Therefore, creating a wayfinding system is not only a graphic task for us, but also an industrial design challenge. So, our solutions are visually engaging and possess high functionality in the same time.

The usage of materials and the production technology are primarily defined by the fact whether the system should be applied in outer or inner place. On top of that, the architectural design, our Client’s requirements and the existing graphic designs are also decisive factors. Flexibility – to be able to update the integrated contents – is also important, so we pay attention to this too.

Exterior solutions

Illuminated or non-illuminated box letters, illuminated boxes, pylons, parking signage, maps, exterior boards

Interior solutions

Plastic letters, wall boards, hanging signage, wall painting, information board-systems, main navigation board on ground floor, loor indicating signage, office board, signage for stairways or other functional areas, door pictograms, entrance and exit signs, logo placement, maps

Production and installation

We choose those production companies who have the most similar ‘tool pool’ to our chosen signage system. We actively take part in production processes, so that the result is exceptional both in terms of time and quality. And we supervise the installation as well.

Navigation system, digital signage, kiosk, application

There are advanced solutions to define precise positions both outside and inside a building. We design information kiosks installed on spot with touch screen and built-in user friendly platforms. In addition, mobile applications available on every mobile tool can provide an even more comfortable solution. The implementation of these can be also an essential part in designing a complex wayfinding system.

Our clients


Remion Design  is an agency operating since 2014, which embodying the latest generation of design studios. Simultaneously deals with wayfinding system development, industrial design, graphic design and UI/UX design.


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