Everything about the wayfinding design process

The process of giving a price offer

We consider it exremely important to assess the needs and ideas of our customers from the very first moment. By examining the building floor map documentation, we prepare a plan in line with technical, functional and aesthetic requirements according to the customer’s idea and our professional knowledge.

System design and testing

After On-site tour, workshop and the thorough recognition of building floormap the planning of the navigation system begins. For efficient information transfer, first we determine the location of the navigation tables, then install the elements of the received system with sketch-level graphics and test in the selected areas.

Graphic design

Regarding to wayfinding systems the primary aspect is functionality but we believe that individual aesthetic solutions are also important during the designing process. We pay attention to the small details, so in addition to the basic requirements, such as the readable font and size, interpretable pictograms and arrows, we create the graphic designs of wayfinding tailored to the customer’s design elements. We take into account ergonomic requirements as well as individual needs as a navigation system with Braille for the blinds and visually impaired.

Design & Technology

We provide a complex and unique solution to our customer. We form the design of the information boards and components of the wayfinding systems, agreed to the interior design, the features of the location and the customer’s brand manual. In all cases, we use timeless outdoor and indoor solutions to serve our customers for years with our system and technology.

Manufacture and installion of the wayfinding system

Following the approved documentation the production of the compontents of the wayfinding system will start. After consultation with contractors and manufacturers, the installion can begin, which we synchronize in all cases with obtaining site-specific permits. If all the system elements have been put in place we will take one last walk together with our customer. The design of the wayfinding system is considered to be complete when our client is satisfied as the last consultation is over.

Plan and design your unique and modern wayfinding system with us! Please request our offer now!